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My name is Katherine Schwab, and I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist (ECMH-E®) based in Foxboro, MA.  I specialize in working with very young children and their families.

I have a passion for working with neurodivergent children, including those with suspected or confirmed Autism or ADHD as well as those experiencing challenges with social interactions or self-regulation who may not have any particular “diagnosis”. I also enjoy working with young children experiencing anxiety, in particular as manifested by selective mutism, separation anxiety, or anxiety related to medical procedures or medical complexity.

One of my main goals is to also support parents and caregivers as they learn more about the unique ways in which their child interprets and interacts with their world. I view my work as a collaborative process and strive to truly connect with each child and family, creating a safe space for reflection and growth.

I hope you find my website helpful as you consider counseling.  If you have questions, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help out.


  • Parent Groups

    Starting in October, I will be offering another 6-month series of Zoom based groups for parents of Neurodivergent children (diagnoses of Autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities).

    Parents of ages 10-13 (1st Wed of the month)
    Parents of ages 13-16 (2nd Wed of the month)
    $175 TOTAL FOR 6 SESSIONS (returning parents $150)

    Monthly counselor led discussion plus peer support from other parents.
    Developmentally tailored topics such as:

    • Navigating increasing independence
    • Supporting self-care and life skills
    • Promoting healthy peer interactions
    • Setting up supportive routines
    • Managing executive functioning challenges
    • Encouraging self-advocacy skills

    Please contact me for more information.