I specialize in working with children ages 0-8 and their parents / caregivers. My practice is based upon the tenets of infant-parent and early childhood mental health, which includes being diversity informed, culturally sensitive, and relationship-based. My first goal is always to provide a felt sense of safety and connection with families, whether working through telehealth or in person.

Rather than providing traditional “talk therapy”, I utilize a combination of play, movement, mindfulness, arts and crafts, imagination, storytelling, games, and sensory-based activities to help children and families reach their goals. I believe that parents are excellent sources of information about their child and family, and my role is more of a guide or coach to support the family with their goals, using a combination of my experience and knowledge as well as a healthy dose of curiosity. I do not always have “answers”, but I hope that I can help uncover a pathway with you.

For younger children (ages 0-6), I provide family support through dyadic (parent or caregiver and child together) sessions, bringing curiosity and teamwork into the sessions to help parents and caregivers to better understand their child’s unique strengths and challenges in order to interpret their child’s behaviors as a method of communication of underlying thoughts, feelings, and needs.

For older children (ages 6-8), I incorporate developmentally appropriate basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy within treatment, helping children understand and better manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  I also utilize concepts from the Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking when helpful.

Some of the specific benefits from working together may include:

  • better understanding of child development, including strategies to support your child’s unique trajectory
  • parenting skills including mentalizing, co-regulation, limit setting, and creating consistency in routines and expectations
  • emotion recognition, communication, and regulation skills
  • stress management / coping skills
  • overall improvement in feeling connected with your child and being able to stay more calm and helpful when they are having big feelings and behaviors!