I specialize in working with children ages 2-8 and their parents or caregivers. Based on the needs and personality of the client, I draw from an eclectic blend of models and techniques. I often rely on the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as the foundation for treatment, helping children understand and better manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  I also utilize concepts from the Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking when helpful.

Rather than providing traditional “talk therapy”, I utilize a combination of movement, mindfulness, arts and crafts, music, imaginary play, games, and sensory-based activities to help children and families reach their goals.

I view my job as that of a “coach” who teaches children and their family members a variety of skills to improve their lives.  These include:

  • social skills
  • emotion regulation skills
  • helpful thinking skills
  • problem solving skills
  • coping and stress reduction skills
  • communication skills
  • positive parenting skills